A publication examining the typographic qualities of objects, sites and concepts.


Communication design, research

Project info

Print publication, P.O.D, 100pp, 2018
Typefaces: Monotone & Article by Vincent Chan
Cover: Custom typeface
Published by First Love Projects

Encyclopedias are designed to describe the world as exhaustively as possible.

Encyclopedias attempt to show how reality is put together, how one subject is connected to another. Many artists have explored these ideas over time; British artist Ryan Gander, for instance, illustrates this phenomenon in his Loose Association lectures. Paired with his anecdotal narration, images are presented with connections that may be tenuous, humourous, direct, adjacent, poetic or absurd.

Inspired by Ryan Gander’s ‘Loose Associations’ art project, Typographic Encyclopedia is a book which examines the typographic qualities of objects, sites and concepts from the word 'Nurse' through to ‘Ostrich’. Pensive, playful and experimental this publication examines typography beyond aesthetics, but rather as a language of association.


This publication is available via print-on-demand.
To request a copy please email: james[at]firstloveprojects.com