A project exploring the relationships between digital artefacts and publishing.


Graphic Design, Design Research, Post Digital Publishing

Project info

P.O.D 210pp perfect-bound book
Printed on a 70gsm matte paper
Typeface: Gills Sans
Published by First Love Projects

Post-digital publishing

On August 8, 1969, photographer Iain Macmillan captured The Beatles walking across the zebra crossing outside of Abbey Road Studios. This image has now become one of music’s most iconic album covers. Forty-seven years on, Abbey Road has also become a major tourist attraction and a virally-transmitted meme. Its transmission has been associated with music homages, sports, politics, parodies, social media selfies and more. In response, this book catalogues many of these memes and considers the relationship between digital artefacts and publishing.


Exhibited as part of the NGV Art Book Fair, 2018. Available through print-on-demand at lulu.com.